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‘Liberal media going crazy!’ That is the topic of today’s Op-Ed.
It is very very clear what the liberal media wants. They want nothing other than the impeachment of President Trump.

Look at all this Russia-Trump collusion nonsense. This is the one of the most craziest and insane story out there that I’ve ever seen.
And this news came out from none other than the Washington Post. They are the leader of the ‘anti-Trump’ media outlet.

Well they just reported fake news. And I can’t let them get away with it. The Washington Post is not that prestigious paper it used to be back in the day. .
Now Washington Post is nothing more than just a propaganda machine that only lives and breath for liberal causes.

The Washington Post reported this:
‘President Trump revealed classified materials, including highly classified intelligence sources to the Russians during his meeting at the White House last week.’

This is fake news right here.
National Security Adviser General H.R. McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson-both of whom were in the meeting unequivocally denied that Trump revealed any kind of classified information.

The President is the Commander-in-Chief. He has the constitutional right to share whatever information he wants or deems to share. Is Washington Post just crazy? Or Insane?
In the case of the meetings with top Russian officials, it’s been reported that President Trump was discussing real threats from ISIS.

Trump saw a common ememy in ISIS. And he wants Russia’s help to fight ISIS. As you may know, Russia also wants to get rid of ISIS. Now Trump was clear about this even back to his campaign days. He said there is no good reason for America and Russia to be in a hostile relationship. And there is much to gain if both countries collaborate in defeating ISIS.
Let me repeat this. The president has the constitutional authority to share what information he deems necessary with nations and their leaders. So essentially, it means that the Washington Post has spread yet another FAKE NEWS.

Hey, hating on Trump. That’s fine. But let’s at least get our facts straight. OK Washington Post?
Now, this is what Jay Sekulow said recently on his show. Jay Sekulow is an American attorney and Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law & Justice.
And ACLJ had many wins in the U.S. Supreme Court. In short, he is one of the most brilliant legal minds out there.
He said this, and I quote:

“The truth is, what’s really putting our nation at risk is the flagrant leaking from within the federal bureaucracy-those who oppose President Trump who are breaking the law when they leak classified materials.”
And Sekulow also said this and I quote:

“The President is the Commander-in-Chief. He is our president. He has the constitutional authority to share what information he deems necessary with nations and their leaders.”
President Trump providing classified material to the Russians puts the United States at risk? This is fake news folks.

It’s just liberal garbage. I bet a million dollars that The Washington Post would not have put out this story if it was Obama who shared information.
America is at risk. Not because of President Trump. He is doing just fine. But because of the leakers which is clearly illegal. They are Trump haters who would stop at nothing to bring him down and impeach him. Even if it’s breaking the law and leaking classified materials.

Now Trump does have a huge problem. The Russia collusion? No. So far nothing has materialized which is why the Dems are backing down on demanding impeachment for now.
Trump’s biggest problem is the constant leaks in his administration.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to impanel a grand jury to investigate all these leaks and charge the responsible leakers.
Yes, it is what President Trump had said all along. This is the swamp. The leakers are the swamp and the press that are putting all these classified info out there are also the swamp.
The swamp loves and dedicate themselves to former President Barack Obama and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They can’t stand that Trump is eliminating Obama’s legacy.

Now Obama did one really despicable thing. He took action for the FBI, CIA and all these intelligence agencies to share classified information. That is why all these leaks are happening. Obama didn’t let them share info during his 8 years of presidency. But he decided nah..it’s better to share and decided to do so 12 days before he left office. Now think about it. What if Trump did this and Obama became the next president. There would have been a major outcry.

I wanted to leave today’s show with some readers’ comments that were very pithy and insightful. I think Democrats really need to read this if they want to win back the house and the senate next year. I took these comments out from the liberal papers like the Washington Post and Time magazine and Yahoo.

This is David from Yahoo
If you want to replace Trump in 2020 then you must become the reasonable opposition to him. Highly dramatic emotional fake news that are usually far from common sense and logic is not going to get you enough votes from stupid people to win the presidency and even worst is your violent behaviour that turns many peaceful people into Trump supporters just to oppose your violence. As an American I wish Trump would have a good opposition and not a bunch of thugs and idiots.

I switched from Democrat to Republican when I watched how biased the media was against Trump. They have crossed the line for me. The harder they hammer him the more I am solidly in his camp. Other than Fox, screw the media.
Trump has done one thing that no other candidate has ever done. He took power away from the Republicans and Democrats and is not being swayed by Special interests or lobbyists or donors. Just what this world needed.

Mean Gene
I voted for neither Clinton or Trump. If the election was held again today I’d vote for Trump. The hatred coming from the left is very telling and exposes them as fascists. Anybody they hate that much has to be OK.