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모든것을 말해주는 한장의 카툰

This cartoon says it all. If you grew up in Chicago (like I did), you grow up with baseball. If you are a White Sox fan (which I am), you also grow up knowing the Cubs will lose. You also have friends whose heartache is far greater than yours. You grow up knowing about the curse, and all of the mythical folklore that surrounds the game of baseball. My friends believed that they would never see a Cubs World Series. I too believed this as well, but I was hoping they would win it all someday. Generations have lived and died without witnessing a Cubs World Series win. How lucky they are, and how lucky we all are, to have seen the most significant championship win in the history of American sports. To all my friends, I love you all. Congratulations!?#cubs #chicagocubs #worldseries #gocubsgo #baseball #flythew #chicago #worldserieschamps

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컵스 컵케이크

Celebratory Cubs Cupcakes ❤️⚾️?#whatwhat #chicagocubs #worldserieschamps #bestday

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미디어들도 흥분

So damn proud. #FlyTheW

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리글리빌의 어젯밤

The @cubs PARADE will be TOMORROW (just announced) ? See you there! #chicagobucketlist #worldseries Photo: @malarchy

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Watching the game and I need some of these amazing @firecakes donuts to stress eat ? | ?: @poweredbydonuts #flythew #cubs #donuts

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시카고 컵스 우승 후 팬들의 반응

시카고 컵스의 우승은 올드 타이머 팬들에게는 특별히 더 감격스러운 사건이었다